Meeting ground and community exclusively for initiated members with background in:
The Freemason Order, Martinist Order, Rosicrucian Order, Knights Templar et al.
For the High-Initiates and Light-Builders to gather and participate in lodge activities as well as to unite online with an open and direct way of working together as Noble Knights of Co-Creation to further develop & improve ourselves & each other, strengthen our bonds and collaborate on work to benefit & evolve Society, the World, and Every Man and Woman alive, by bringing insight, compassion, truth, knowledge, light and noble deeds wherever our paths may lead.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Foundation of the Order of Noble Knights of Co-Creation

At this day, 13th of August the year 2011, we announce the creation and foundation of the New Order of United Brotherhood between the fellow Initiates, and this shall be known by the name Order of Noble Knights of Co-Creation.

For all Brothers, and Sisters, we welcome you to this historical event which has as goal to bring forth the best and highest of our collective efforts to serve Society and our Fellow Men & Women and do our uttermost of good intentions to assist and help the World around us towards the new coming times we are approaching.

Maintaining the highest quality of attitude, actions, way of life and fraternal love towards all living around us, above and below, we swear our oath to always participate with our truly greatest efforts to maintain this goal we have upon us both towards ourselves, each other and those around us.

We live by the finest virtues, and indeed it is our virtues which defines us as Noble Knights of Co-Creation.

So it is written, and so it shall be

In Light & Darkness,
Frater Edward Alexander

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